1983 ūüéď University of Minnesota

Through music we can:




classical ~ flamenco ~ pop-rock ~ jazz

beginner ~ intermediate ~ advanced

acoustic & electric



structure ~ melody ~ lyrics ~ vocals



counterpoint ~ harmony ~ theory ~ orchestration




recording ~ mixing ~ mastering




_You will learn guitar as an instrument with its intricacies in genres from Pop, Rock, Jazz or my speciality in Classical & Flamenco. 

_To begin, you will learn basic chords, strumming patterns, TAB/tablature, and basic scales in the ‚Äėopen/1st position‚Äô of the guitar, and correct right & left hand positions. These basics are fundamental to every style of guitar playing.¬†

_Then we move on to finger-style playing, advanced Barre-Chords, Jazz Chords, Improvisation, Pentatonic & Modal Scales, Arpeggios, further exploring the entire fretboard, and discovering the myriad of colours the guitar is capable of achieving. 

_Meanwhile learning to Read Music on the guitar, explore and grow in your understanding of the many ‚ÄėMusic Theories‚Äô in our world.¬†

_Acoustic & Electric Guitars 
_Beginner ~ Intermediate ~ Advanced



_Exploring your own voice is an experience unique to each person, and it is exciting for you to discover the unique colours and qualities of your voice. I can help you better define: your vocal range, intonation, diction, breath support, phrasing and expressiveness that is unique to your voice. Above all, singing should feel relaxed and natural.

 _As a Vocal Coach, I can assist you with your original/cover songs to be performance or recording ready.

 _As a Singer-Songwriter, I can assist you in the completion of your original songs or your unique covers with Structure, Melody, Lyrics & Vocals.



Rock: David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Peter Murphy, Icehouse 

Jazz: Vicky Mountain, Rosemary Clooney, Eva Cassidy 

Singer-Songwriter: Joni Mitchell, Dan Fogelberg


sinGer ~sonGwriTer

Songwriting is widely varied and a skill unique to each person.

However, there are fundamentally common elements to each genre of music that include: 

_Structure: intro, verses, chorus, bridge, break-outs, interludes, outro 

_Melody: tonal center, range 

_Harmony: key signature, harmonic motion, Tertian/Quartal/Atonal harmonies 

_Rhythm: time signature, tempo (bpm), meter, pulse 

_Lyrics: message content, rhyme, free verse, a Capella, spoken 

_Vocals: compatibility with vocalist- timbre/colour, diction

_As a Singer-Songwriter, I can assist you in the completion of your original songs or your unique covers with all of these elements.



_I teach more in-depth composition for Counterpoint, Harmony, Theory & Orchestration. 


Audio Production 

_I teach Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Production skills in Logic Pro X.


All new students are invited to a Free

Meet & Greet session



_Teaching is private and one-to-one. 

_in person, from my studio apt. in MidTown Phoenix, 85013. 

_or, Online lessons through FaceTime or Zoom. 

Most importantly...

You enjoy the music you are playing or singing!



Pricing for Private Instruction 

ūüĆĻby the Hour¬†

(recommended for intermediate/advanced students) 


ūüĆĻby the ¬Ĺ Hour

(recommended for beginning students) 



Commissioned Works

ūüĆĻOriginal songwriting, compositions, orchestrations, and recording are negotiated on a commission basis.


One-to-One Teaching

ūüĆĻ $80.00 per hour¬†

     $290.00 per 4-lessons

(discounted  to $72.50/hour) 


ūüĆĻ $60.00 per 45 minutes¬†

     $220.00 per 4- lessons

(discounted  to $55.00/45min.)


ūüĆĻ $40.00 per ¬Ĺ hour¬†

     $150.00 per 4-lessons

(discounted¬†to $37.50/ ¬Ĺ hour)¬†



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