Songs from the Vault


J Michael Christophre   © 1992


Tain Reimei (live )

Tain Reimei

LIVE (Basement Recordings) ©1992


Tain Reimei was my five-piece Rock/Jazz Fusion band in the early '90s. Among several venues in Minneapolis, we had the good fortune to be able to play at the 7th Street Entry of the famed night club First Avenue.

I was the lead Singer-Songwriter for this project, with all of the members adding their exquisite talents to these recordings.

These recordings were done 'Live' from my basement studio without any studio edits. This is "Us Live", so do forgive any "tape hiss" or Sound Recording fidelity... these are all 'Live Takes' onto cassette tape.

the BAND 

Vocals & Keyboards: J. Michael Christophre 

Guitars: John Erickson 

Keyboards: Jeff Merth 

Bass & Chapman Stick: Dean Creagle 

Drums & Percussion: Bill Paul 


Music & Lyrics:  J. Michael Christophre ©1992

Sound Recording:  Tain Reimei ©1992

Sound Engineer: Cary Grell 


I borrowed the name "Reimei" from the composer Kitaro in a performance of his called "Kojiki".

Reimei is Japanese meaning the "New Dawning" and I was inspired to use this name while attending his performance.